from 15 October to 16 October 2011

Concerts & Recital

Alghero Open Monuments - IX Edition

Casa Gioiosa – Sede del Parco regionale di Porto Conte

Località Tramariglio Sp 55 n. 44

Saturday 15th October– from 10am to 1pm

Poetry between seas and mountains: a chat with Beppe Costa & Stefania Battistella' organized by 'Associazione “Progetto Ottobre in poesia'

Istituto Artistico Musicale G. Verdi
Via Simon

Saturday 15 october 6.30pm
Sunday 16 october 6.30pm

Students and teachers concerts

Palazzo Civico
Via Columbano

Guided tours to the Civic Palace and the Storic Archive will be accompanied by concerts played by the Association Flauto di Pan

The event is part of the program of special initiatives designed to enhance the two-day event "Alghero Monuments Open 2011"

Concerts & Recital

When: from 15 October to 16 October 2011