capo d'anno di sardegna

Festivals and events

Festivals and events
  • Sant Miquel. Il Patrono di Alghero
September - October

Sant Miquel. Images of lights, playing with colors

Celebrations in honour of San Michele, Patron Saint in the City of Alghero. At the end of September, for three days, the entire historical centre is transformed into an immense theatre where roads and squares play host to shows, concerts, exhibits and food exhibits. A festival of “taste' of the far-away and long-forgotten, which evokes traditions, tastes and feelings that makes for a “magical' atmosphere of other times.

  • Cap d′Any. Capodanno di Sardegna.
December - January

Cap d'Any. New Year’s Eve in Sardinia.

All the events of Alghero's New Year's Eve, the historical one in Sardinia - “Cap d'Any de l'Alguer' welcomes the upcoming year by planning this time and once more a truly rich events calendar

In a city where the festival is synonym of holiday, music shows, street theatre, art exhibits and outdoor booths, for the whole month of December animate the ancient burg, leading tourists and residents up to the end of the year, the night of the 31 December.

  • Sagra eventi
March - April

The Sea Urchin Festival

Tasting of rich selection

The red pulp of the sea urchin is one of the delicacies algherese.Nei first months of cafes, restaurants and shops of taste I propose "The Sea Urchin", a journey of flavors through the streets of the area to enjoy themed menus dedicated to the red pulp of the sea urchin recipes made the flavors of the past revisited and reinterpreted.

  • settimana santa
March - April

The Holy Week in Alghero

Among rites and mysteries, spirituality and passion, an enchanting journey to the discovery of one of the most popular traditions felt in Sardinia: La Setmana Santa de L'Alguer (The Holy Week of Alghero)

Easter in Sardinia. During Easter time of the Holy Week, in many towns and cities of Sardinia, the processions pass, marching on a slow and silent rhythm, telling the Passion of Christ. In Alghero the rites of the Holy Week begin on Passion Friday, that is to say Friday before Palm Sunday, with the procession of the our Lady of Sorrows and finish on Easter Sunday with the procession of the Encounter of the Risen Lord and his Blessed Mother (Encontre ).